Patients and Members 

For those seeking therapy, TheraVR™ helps children, adolescents, and young adults

What if I'm seeking therapy and want to use TheraVR™?

Therapy is expensive and it is hard to get a true mind/body experience with your provider just over just a zoom call. If you are a parent with a child or teen, or young adult,  the benefit of using VR telehealth is a better experience of meeting with a therapist.*

 If you are a client, working with a TheraVR™ provider, you pay what you can. Our mission is to make virtual telehealth accessible and available to any child, adolescent or young adult who is really needing the benefits of using VR telehealth. Your provider will guide you through using TheraVR™ from home, hospital or even school when scheduled. All you need is a headset, and your VR therapist is trained to deliver evidence based psychotherapy through TheraVR™. A simple download to your headset is all that is needed. 

Once you are assigned to a TheraVR™, provider, you can choose membership with THERAVR™ for all long as you need, and cancel anytime. 

 *See research and panels page

Clinician Portal 

Clinicians who are registered users for TheraVR™ can submit their clinical feedback forms through this portal.