TheraVR™ Pricing Plans

Licensed HealthCare Professionals 

$80.00  Monthly Subscription

For Psychiatrists, Psychologists, License Mental Health Care Professionals - Click here for free 7 day free trial* 

After signing up follow this  link  for training. 


Outpatient Behavioral Health TelePsych

$199.00 Monthly for Clinical Teams Subscription 

For Outpatient Behavioral Health including IOP, PHP, Group Practices for Telehealth - Click here for free 7 day trial* 

   After signing up follow this link  for training. 

Hospitals and Payors 

Custom Pricing- $$$

For hospital systems, inpatient, outpatient, remote patient telehealth, ED Departments. Insurance payors offering telehealth for remote patient or pharmacy/ hybrid care.  Schedule live demo  and free pilot

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