Virtual Reality Telepsych

TheraVR™ Virtual Reality is telehealth using HMD anywhere, anytime, in any State. 

What is virtual reality telepsych? We all know what telemedicine is...  video conferencing over a laptop or mobile device. And since COVID-19, this has become the standard for many behavioral healthcare services. 

Still, the rates of child and adolescent mental health emergencies and admittance needing therapy is higher than ever due to poor delivery of care, and overuse of digital apps. TheraVR™ works with existing telemedicine services, as an addition to improving patient outcomes for therapists, by providing evidence based, telehealth using our specialized TheraVR™ solution to provide the same results of going to a regular video tele health session, but using virtual reality.  

For Providers we offer plans for individuals , group practice, outpatient and hospitals systems. Go to Pricing for more information!