Thera Inc. takes virtual therapy services to a new level, bridging the emerging adoption of telemedicine with avatar technology and biometrics in therapeutic environments.




The Thera VR platform is available on Oculus Quest, desktop, and mobile all of which are translational. This allows multiple users to access our proprietary system from a broad range of devices all at the same time.

The complete Thera VR system for clinical settings.

The Thera VR Kit is medical grade, sanitary, and only requires an Internet connection to use.

Immersive environments

Thera VR allows patients to meet with their clinician in therapeutically designed, virtual environments. Patients can experience the alternative ,then just going to the couch, by engaging in therapy in “ safe spaces” which they can roam or just sit with their clinician.

Animated Avatars

Thera VR has hundreds of virtual avatars to choose from ranging from adults to teddy bears. Patients are not only able to pick their own avatar but they the choice to choose their avatar clinician during a live session.