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Virtual Reality Telemedicine 

THERA VR™  is precision psychology tele psych using virtual reality on any head mounted device.  We are a patent pending technology which allows providers to deliver live psychotherapy using virtual reality to patients ANYWHERE in any STATE! Patients can be treated at home, on site at the clinic or in emergency departments. Using HMD to HMD our platform is available on Oculus, PICO and VIVE technologies and is all synchronous technology. Our HIPAA compliant platform allows doctors and patients to meet in VR without having to visit the office. Patients can customize their avatars, and their therapist. Providers deliver the same experience as telehealth with both medical extended reality and clinical tracking. Thera VR is precision psychology using virtual VR tele health!

  THERA VR™ is available on all HMD including Oculus, PICO and HTC VIVE and they all work together no hardware restriction!


 Thera Inc. Partners with Shenandoah University July 23, 2023

Press Release Shenandoah University 

WHAT IS THERA VR Inc. ? What is Virtual Reality Telepsych? 



CEO, Psychotherapist, Founder Erin Bogdanski is interviewed by Michelle Griego CBS News about her innovation using VR telemedicine to treat children and youth , and address prevention for suicide and self harming.

Since the advent of COVID-19, the surge of pediatric mental illness has gotten the point where providers, outpatient systems are overwhelmed. The traditional standards of care a not efficient and the complex bio psych social changes coming out of the contagion have led to a whole new plethora of mental health issues for children and youth. Digital apps are popular, but they take away the true human connection between a provider and patient, and they do not prove to prevent serious mental health issues such as suicidal ideation, self harming and violence. 

The Thera VR™ telepsych solution was invented by a real clinician and inspired by the patients and families who suffered having poor retention of going through an outdated behavioral health care system. Our current medical model is to over medicate, and at what cost to a child. Improving true psychotherapy delivered by a real therapist, combined with psychiatry is the best solution to improve the patient outcomes. Our solution does this by providing accessibility of care, anywhere, and any state through virtual reality tele health. 


Our new THERAVR™ 2023 software is available on HTC/ VIVE Focus 3 and Elite. Schedule with us for a live demo! 

Watch our podcast with HTC/VIVE Hosted by Bob Cooney June 2023 

The Practicality of VR: Future of Psychotherapy 

Seeing the Truth 

One quarter of the nation suffering from a mental health diagnosis, the biggest problem is both access to care and affordability. Thera VR™ Inc is telehealth meaning it can be used anywhere, within the jurisdiction of  the state of the provider meaning it is truly accessible. Thera VR™ Inc.  is also affordable as is covered by insurance, including Medicaid. The biggest challenge for Americans is being able to afford therapy, and insurance parity laws allow coverage for mental health for all payers. The problem still stands though, video tele health is not a solution for treating at risk youth, and in many cases providers struggle to deliver psychotherapy using just standard video conferencing, based on the acuity of the patient. For children, teens and young adults THEY want something better. That is where Thera VR Inc. solves the problem. 

Our solution supports out patient psychiatric departments who are providing telehealth and or on site in the emergency departments to get the provider to the patient, and to reduce burnout for the physicians and nurses. Social workers, LMFTs, LPCCs and psychologistsc can treat patients from any location, which is our goal is to bring MORE providers to patients who are on long waitlists, especially suicidal and self harming child and adolescents. 

Our Mission to Provide a New Telehealth

Tele medicine for psych services is here to stay. Getting to your session through virtual visits is more convenient, and reduces the burden of travel, and taking time out of your lifestyle, and self care. THERA VR adds a clinically proven experience to add Virtual Reality Tele health to your regular tele health visits. Providers can use headset technology to meet with their patients remotely, and conduct sessions virtual spaces. We ensure our sessions are safe and support clinicians by tracking HRV (Heart Rate Variability) in sessions to assess for risk and improve and tack patient treatment. Our mission is to improve the virtual tele psych experience with providing the experience of a full mind/ body experience using headset technology with custom avatars. 

 Pediatric Mental Health 

Take a look at our video! TheraVR™ allows the experience for children and adolescents to see their therapist in ten different evidence based scenes. This allows a child who is suffering to go a "safe" place to talk and work with their clinician. In psychotherapy, many kids do not feel the emotional safety to talk in a standard office or regular video conferencing. With our unique provider/ patient experience this meets the needs for this younger generation who are more engaged with their technology, without doing the harm of overusing social media. Virtual Reality healthcare is NOT a game, is a science and the future of healthcare. 

THERA Inc For Clinicians 

 If you are a clinician we train you to be THERA VR providers. Clinicians can be licensed in any state, and can provide services remotely by scheduling patients on the THERA VR platform, and launch their THERA VR apps from Oculus, PICO or VIVE HMD. Clinicians are trained for safety protocols, orientation training, and HRV data collection. Clinicians are also trained in emergency protocols.

Psychotherapy Treatment and Experience

Not only can you experience regular tele health, but experience live sessions in VR with your doctor which can improve treatment for certain cases.  With our selection of evidence based programs, THERA VR provides treatment for depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, ED, grief/ bereavement, ADHD, and addiction. Our solution delivers most health psychology intervention co-occurring medical conditions such as cancer and MS. Tracking the patient's HRV allow clinicians see real time improvement over treatment and also these tracking supports prevention if is a psychiatric emergency report is needed. Partnered with Spren Technologies, THERA VR™ combines both the delivery of care with the clinical data needed to provide the best optimization of psychotherapy. 

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