Traditional One Hour Sessions

If you are seeking therapy THERA Inc. will provide you an assigned therapist who specializes with your immediate needs based on an online assessment prior to treatment. You will meet with your therapist for a one hour session once a week or as needed. Therapy is done in a virtual office and is completely confidential.

Your Avatar Therapist

THERA provides your therapy sessions in virtual reality where you can meet with your avatar therapist remotely in real time. Your therapist can be “customized”. Customizing your therapist may reduce the anxiety or stigmatism you may feel when seeking counseling.

Virtual Reality Environments

With THERA VR you can experience the clinician driven selection of therapeutic 6 different environments. The THERA environments are meeting places for you and your practitioner which you can ” tele port” your self within the space instead of just sitting in an office.


Virtual Reality has higher rates of success than taking drugs...

For populations who suffer from PTSD, chronic pain, addiction and eating disorders science has proven that virtual reality has higher rates of success in treatment more than traditional dependency with medications. The reason is virtual reality provides a more intense "mind/body experience" then traditional counseling. Using the 5 senses patients can benefit from the experience of virtual reality.

PTSD and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been proven to treat one of the most impactful diagnoses in our country... PTSD. Suicide and violence are on the rise. Research has shown that after VR treatment those who were diagnosed with PTSD, 65.9% no longer met criteria in a treatment study. Credit Skip Rizzo, USC Institute for Creative Technologies

The Mind/Body Connection in VR

Having therapy in VR is a unique cognitive and physical experience. If you have had therapy before you can still feel the same benefits of talking to your therapist in a safe and confidential space but also get the benefit of the mind/ body experience by using the 5 senses.