Counseling Using Virtual Reality

If you are a licensed clinician and looking to adjunct your private practice, THERA Inc. allows you to build your case load virtually using virtual reality. All you need is access to a secure wireless connection, an Oculus Quest or Rift, and access to a desktop or laptop computer.

Looking for licensed THERAPISTS in CA, NY, and NJ States

THERA Inc, is looking for licensed clinicians in California, New York, and New Jersey. If you are interested in using online counseling this is a new way to see your patients in avatar form, and change environments to allow your patient to have a unique experience having ” talk therapy”. The virtual reality experience is HIPAA compliant and therapist driven.  For more information go to

THERA Inc. Accepting Referrals

THERA Inc. is currently accepting referrals for our therapist team in California. If you are seeking therapy and are interested in experiencing this new way of talking to your therapist you can sign up at  . You will be contacted by one of our licensed clinicians and invited to a 20 minute consultation. 

Using Virtual Reality Headset or Not?

Virtual Reality requires wearing a headset where you can experience a 360 degree experience and feel the benefits of a mind/body connection.  However, some people do not want to wear a headset, so THERA Inc. provides options such as a desktop version of VR to meet with your practitioner. 

For More Information reach out to

THERA Inc. is growing. For job opportunities send your inquiry to

We are currently offering internships for virtual reality developers, college students and psych interns.